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Procedure to Cancel LLC License

If you want to cancel your Limited Liability Company License (LLC), than you have to follow some steps to cancel your LLC license. Step 1: (1). You have to cancel all existing employees, if any. (2). Resolution of Director Board for dissolution and appointment of a liquidator and it has to be attested from Notary Public. (3).  Letter from the Liquidator ...

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Overview of Russian Beach in Dubai

Russian Beach is also known by its beauty, and popularity in public. Russian Beach also a Public desirable Beach. People come here to visit and enjoy. Russain Beach name is originally as this that there come Russian and Eastern Europeans always come here to visit and enjoy. Here in Russian Beach have not so many facilities but there are some ...

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A Beautiful View of Jumeirah Beach Park In Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Park is the one most beautiful and most popular public beach parks. Jumerah Beach Park has been awarded Blue Flag Beach Status. This park is full of with golden sand, Grassy areas and Plam trees.  In the park area of Beach here Cafes selling snacks and drinks, here also shower and tolits and life guard is on duty ...

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Overview About Mamzer Beach Park in Dubai, UAE

Mamzer Beach Park is most beautiful and wonderful view of the beach. People of the all over the World come here to visit and enjoy here. Mamzer Beach park is the most desirable beaches to visit. Momzar Beach Park has been awarded Blue Flag Beach Status. There are 5 Beaches around the park and these are much famous and popular ...

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