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Process to Renew Immigration Establishment Card (Computer Card)

When Immigration Establishment Card expire applicant have to renew his Immigration Establishment Card through a process. Applicant have to follow to renew his Immigration Card.

Required Document for Immigration Establishment Card Renewal:

 Applicant have to submit his important documents to renew his Immigration Card. 

(1). Required Filled application. Application can be typed from Typing Center.

(2). Copy of Trade Licence.

(3). Original Immigration Card.

(4). If Original Immigration Establishment Card lost than applicant have to attached Police Certificate with application form

(5). Applicant have to provide Location map of Company in Arabic language and with Telephone Number.

(6). Valid Tenancy Contract.

(7). Applicant have to provide Copy of the addendum listing partners names in case of LLC issued from Department of Economic Development and second page of Licence also required.

Validity Of Immigration Establishment Card:

 Immigration Establishment Card is Valid for three years.

Fee Detail of Immigration Establishment Card: 

(1). Applicant have to pay fee AED860 at Immigration Office in Cash and Card will be issued at same time.

e-DNRD Online Fee Detail: 

(1). Applicant have to paid Fee AED4040 with application form.

(2). Applicant have to paid AED5000 if Visit Visa is open in Card. If there is no previous deposit.

(3). If applicant want to change his Telephone Number, P.O.Box, and Location than applicant have to paid extra charges AED50.

(4). Applicant have to paid extra for amendment signature adding / Partner changing etc.

Application Submission:

Application must be submitted by owner, partner or PRO.

Fine Detail of Immigration Card:

 Applicant have to pay fine AED100  per month if applicant did not submit his application after 30 days grace period from expiry date. Renew Immigration Card will be issued to applicant from the date of last expiry.

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